What Happens When Lasix Doesn't Work

Dr. Wong discusses "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You"

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Howdy. Dr. Will Wong here, and thank you for joining me for tonight’s episode of The Essentials of Life and Wellness. Let’s call this part of the show today, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You. You know it is absolutely astounding to me that doctors don’t tell their patients that they’re almost terminal. Just got a call from a gal who was gaining about a pound or two a day of fluid in her legs. Her doctor had already put her on Lasix, but she thought that her kidneys and that her heart were absolutely fine and perfect. The doctor just happened to give her the Lasix for whenever she was holding fluid. The idiot doc did not level with her and tell her that she wouldn’t have been holding fluid if either her kidneys, her heart, or both had not been going south on her. You only give Lasix when the kidneys are dysfunctional. He did not tell her that she was heading towards a major disease crisis. And he did not level with her at all, just left her in the dark with the Lasix pills all clueless and happy. Thinking that she’s basically a healthy person, but sometimes she just eats too much salt and her body holds water.

That’s not the way it happens, folks. Healthy kidneys, healthy hearts don’t retain water. If you’re sitting all day and the water begins to pool in your ankles, you get swollen ankles. Your kidneys aren’t working well. And your muscles aren’t exercising enough. If you gained a pound in your sleep from water-weight gain, your kidneys and your heart are not working, especially your heart, because it shouldn’t have been happening while you were sleeping! Your legs should not be swelling up in your sleep. They should be draining. If you heart doesn’t have the pumping action to pump the fluid out of your legs while you’re in a reclining position, how the heck is it going to have the pumping action to pump the fluid out of your legs when you’re standing up or sitting? Think about that.

I don’t mind giving out health and nutritional advice to folks, but when I have to be the one to tell folks that they’re on the skids and heading to the grave, I don’t like that job. That’s not my job that’s their physicians job. I don’t even know half these folks; heck, I don’t know any of these folks that I talk to on the phone or communicate with over the email, they are just people who come up and ask questions and I have to be the one who levels with them. Why the hell aren’t their docs doing it? I also have to talk and counsel folks who have not given a thought to death at all, ever in their lifetimes. It is a subject they have avoided even in their extreme, old age; they don’t want to talk about death or think that it’s ever going to happen to them. They’re going to avoid it; it’s not going to happen to them. If they don’t think about it, they wont draw it near them. That’s idiocy. That’s absolute idiocy. And yes, I know it’s part of this new age hokey philosophy that if you don’t think about something you’re not going draw it towards you. But death is unavoidable. And when you know that things are going wrong with your body, when you know that major things are going wrong with your body; to think that you can reverse the irreversible, to think that some miracle of medicine is going to come up and save you, to think that you can doctor hop, and find the right doctor who will save you life, and extend it for bloody ever, is just absolute stupidity.

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The Vetmedin seems to be helping

Him quite a bit. We go tomorrow for his re-check and will decide if he is fit enough for surgery.
I was looking online to see if the vetmedin was what seems to be causing him to lose so much weight or if it is simply the lasix taking excess water weight off of him. He is still enjoying...ts so I'm a bit concerned about the weight loss. I'll be asking the vet about it tomorrow, but would love to have an idea today. ;-)
Also, through researching that drug, it seems that it is a vasodilator. Similar to the active ingredients in Viagra?!?! Explains why my dog (who has been neutered for 12 years) seems to want to make love to everything that comes in conctact with his underside.

With a lot of precautions.

Q: Can I give my dog aspirin?
A: My first question in response to this is; what do you want to treat? Most often, the answer is for arthritis, but I have to ask. It is important not to just give a drug because the animal is 'not himself' or is in pain where the cause is unknown.
With regard to arthritis, yes, aspirin can be used, but with caution. Aspirin is in a class of drugs called NSAIDs - Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, and dogs are particularly sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of; pain, bleeding, and ulceration that can be a side effect of these drugs. Coated aspirin may help with the gastrointestinal effects

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  • Avatar kpnitreal02 WHat is a lasix? How do I lose a lot of water weight before I go to the beach tomorrow?
    Jul 03, 2007 by kpnitreal02 | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I want to lose a lot of water weight to get rid of some fat looking stuff around my waist. IS there anything I can do to lose water weight for tomorrow at the beach?

    • It has to be prescribed for you. Drink a bunch of black coffee. It'll have the same affect. But, in my answer to your last question, you shouldn't be doing that.

  • Avatar Schmitty What type of oncologist is most likely to see a patient with malignant ascites?
    Jul 06, 2007 by Schmitty | Posted in Cancer

    I'm looking for specific subspecialties/areas of focus if possible, not just "medical" or "surgical" oncologist. Thanks!

    • Malignant ascites (when fluid containing cancer cells is present in the abdomen) is seen most commonly in patients with ovarian, endometrial, breast, colon, gastric, and pancreatic cancer. This would be an gynecologic onc …logist. Regarding the latter, most GI specialists do NOT treat cancer patients, so there are very few of these.

      If you are in America, you may want to contact the American Cancer Society with this question.

  • Avatar Andy How to reduce abdominal fluid retention?
    Oct 20, 2008 by Andy | Posted in Other - Diseases


    my mother in law's is 62 years old liver has harden. She goes more frequently to the hospital now. The doctor says her water pills do not help much anymore.

    She is taking Lasix as a water pill.

    Anything else that we could try to reduce the excess fluid?

    Is it normal that she has to go weekly to the hospital to get rid of the water retention?


    • Lasix is a form of diuretics that helps remove water from the body. In addition to that, try to limit your grandma's water intake so that it will not add to the existing water in the body.
      Try to give her tea as a …quently so that doctor can assess her condition because too much water in the body is also serious and can lead to generalized edema, high BP, and can progress later on to right sided heart failure and pulmonary problems.