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Using Furosemide as a Pre-contest Diuretic

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One of the last stages of preparation before a bodybuilding physique contest is to remove subcutaneous water from just below the skin in the body. This in done through the use of water deprivation, saunas, and most commonly, diuretics.

A diuretic is a supplement that forces the body to quickly urinate several pounds of fluid from the body, usually within 2 to 5 hours. Diuretics are used to allow the bodybuilder to display muscle striations and veins hidden. Long-term or extreme use of diuretics can lead to organ failure or death. Caution should always be taken.

Furosemide is a common potassium-sparing diuretic used by bodybuilders. One 40 mg pill usually results in a 5-pound fluid loss within 2 to 4 hours. Furosemide is marketed under a wealth of brand names, including Aisemide, Beronald, Desdemin, Discoid, Diural, Diurapid, Dryptal, Durafurid, Errolon, Eutensin, Frusetic, Frusid, Fulsix, Fuluvamide, Furix, Furesis, Furo-Puren, Furosedon, Hydro-rapid, Impugan, Katlex, Lasilix, Lasix, Lowpston, Lodix, Macasirool, Mirfat, Nicorol, Odemase, Oedemex, Profemin, Rusyde, Rosemide, Salix, Trofurit, Urex, and Frudix.

Furosemide is classified as the loop agent. Not only will it cause potassium and water loss, however, also depletes the body of chloride and sodium. There is a very fine line between the electrolytes that regulate the heart. It is advised to take 20mgs at a time allowing 4 to 5 hours before taking the next dose. You should ensure that the first dose has worn off before starting another. An ideal plan is to take 100mg Furosemide daily for 3-5 days prior to the show, giving the body a more gradual reduction of subcutaneous water, and allowing the bodybuilder to retain more intracellular water. If a ‘flattening-out’ effect occurs, the bodybuilder should consume small amounts of water with a few carbs, drawing water back into the muscle group. Instead, many athletes choose to use diazyde as a water-cutting agent.

Water depletion is a risky business. Many amateur bodybuilders and top professional have retired due to kidney failure, which is directly related to water deprivation and diuretic abuse. Though absolutely required for any level of bodybuilding success, it is often the least-studied aspect of pre-contest training, which is ironic, as it is the aspect, which can have the most long-term negative effects on health.


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If you are already under medical care, and have had your heart checked for signs of failure...
(it's best not to ignore big signs like swollen ankles)... then the diuretic you are looking for is dandelion root. It's potassium-sparing and as effective as lasix. Make a decoction (boiled solution) of one cup of water and 1 tbl of dried root, take in morning.

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  • Avatar Squiggler Furosemide and nausea - how to overcome it?
    Aug 11, 2011 by Squiggler | Posted in Heart Diseases

    I'm on Furosemide but find it gives me horrendous nausea. Very often I do actually vomit just by thinking of either the tablets themselves or certain foods.

    Is there a way to overcome this?

    • You could call your doctor and get him to put you on another diuretic, since it sounds like you're unable to tolerate it.

      Also, take a list of meds with you to the doctor so that he can determine if there's an interaction with another medication going on.

      Here's a general info sheet that lists interactions: