Junebug Southern California Bulldog Rescue

22 Jul

Ms . Junebug (aka Ju-Ju Bean) is a 2 year old youngster who wants nothing more than to lay in her person’s lap. Her previous owner took her to the vet, and when she found out the cost to fix her broken leg, she asked the vet to euthanize her, as that was the cheaper option. Luckily, that vet intervened, and she ended up in Rescue.

Both of Junebug’s bones in her hind leg are broken. The smaller one, which is not a weight-bearing bone, is severed completely. The other bone has a spiral fracture, which usually comes from being hit by a car, run over, or from being stuck in something and trying to pull free. We don’t know what happened to cause such injuries, but we do know we can fix it.

As soon as Rescue picked her up and determined the severity of her injuries, Ju-Ju Bean went directly into surgery where vet implanted 8 pins in her leg along with an external fixator, which will have to stay in place for approximately 3 months. She requires routine, daily cleaning of all of the pins and fixator to ward off infection, and a special topical ointment to help promote healing where the pins enter the skin. Her loving foster mom has to take her for weekly x-rays to make sure that the pins stay in place and that everything heals as it should.

Due to the trauma, Junebug is not wanting to use the leg very much at this time. We are hoping it is because she is just afraid and needs to learn to trust it again, but we are having the vet take a look to see if it’s possible that she hurt her knee when she endured the initial break.

To make things a little more complicated for Ju-Ju Bean, she has developed a nasty case of pneumonia. It was so bad that the vet initially thought she might actually have a heart issue, so she needed an echocardiogram. While she is requiring some heavy-duty antibiotics and specialized care to help her deal with the pneumonia, the good news is her heart is just fine.

Ju-Ju Bean has to have her movement somewhat limited during the healing process, so bones and toys are a must to keep her occupied, even if she desperately wants to play with her foster brothers and sisters.All of Junebug’s care comes at quite a cost, but from the first instant we saw her and her bright spirit, we knew that she must be given the chance to have the full, rich life, full of love that she so deserves. Look into your heart and consider sponsoring lil’ Ju-Ju Bean so she can heal and ultimately run and play and do all the things youngsters should do.

Surgery – $1, 500
Weekly x-rays of leg – $150 each
X-rays of lungs – $150 each
Echocardiogram – $450
Antibiotics – $150/month
Lasix (diuretic) – $50/month
Ointment – $50/month
Pain pills – $100/month
Toys – $50

Or, send a Check or Money Order to:
Southern California Bulldog Rescue
PO Box 10313, Santa Ana, Ca, 92711
Note: Please include the name of the dog in the memo section.

Source: www.socalbulldogrescue.org

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