Lasix And Urine Drug Screen

Does oxycontin and hydrocodone show up in a urine drug screen as the same, an opiate?

01 | February | 2012 | mobile drug testing long island

If taking hydrocodone/vicodin and I took an oxycontin would they show up differently in a urine test? I was told oxycontin would not even show up in urine, is that true? By the way, I have a script for hydrocodone, however, an old script for oxycontin. I discontinued use of the oxycontin for awhile, until the pain got worse. I am not a druggy, FYI Please only serious and experience answers please!

Chosen Answer:

Both Oxycodone and Hydrocodone will test positive for opiates. They metabolize into completely different drugs, but the urine test will still be triggered. If your urine specimen is being shipped to a laboratory for confirmation, the doctor/nurse will put the sample through a rigorous and foolproof examination. They typically only ship the specimen away if the initial test is failed. Whoever told you Oxycontin will not show up in a drug test is stupid. If you are very concerned about failing a drug test, there are ways around them. The most effective guaranteed way to pass regardless of how contaminated your urine is, is to use the Whizzinator. It is very pricy, but guaranteed to work. Otherwise, you can dilute the sample by drinking copious amounts of water starting a few hours before the test. When diluting your system, it is important to keep your creatinine level normal by eating red meats, so that nothing seems suspicious. Taking a B Complex vitamin will help to tint your urine yellow even in the presence of loads of water. Taking diuretics like Lasix, Coffee, Cranberry Juice and so on will help flush your system a little more. Physical exercise helps eliminate certain toxins from the body, and works the circulatory system, in effect mildly cleaning out traces of whatever chemical is in you. A few hours before the test, take ~2-4 full strength Aspirin. It is said that Aspirin interferes with the accuracy of the Immunoassay screening, and may mask any drugs. Finally, you can dope your sample, preferably with powdered unscented bleach, or hot water. The water does not need to be boiling, but needs to rest in the 94-99 degree zone to make it seem like authentic urine. I know that is a lot of information, but I have never failed a drug test by sticking to some of these practices each time I take one.
by: Chris Pulver
on: 18th May 11

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