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If you take Lasix then you should be on a low sodium diet. You should not even have pickles in the house. You need to look for items that are low or have no sodium. It can be done, but you just need to look. Even WalMart has low sodium items in their grocery. There are no tips, just stay away from all of it. Why are you doing this to your body? Don't forget, your blood pressure will be rising also. Take care.


I am on a diuretic also.

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DVL Please check in when ya can Haven't seen ya

& I was following what happened with you and the oxy and the edema. wierdly I just had a similar experience. Mine was a change to morphine. I had major side effects and MY Legs blew up 2 times their size just as yours. Not just feet or calf either. it is in my thighs and I cannot bend my ankles or at the knees. Was yours that bad??
Took me 2 mo to convince pain doc to get me off that nasty med cause I also had other bad symptoms, some you mentioned too. I do not think it was due to too much meds in my case. I think i just reacted badly to morphine and then I was left on it too long

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  • Avatar Marggie B Has anyone ever had low sodium and potassium at the same time?
    Sep 05, 2009 by Marggie B | Posted in Diabetes

    I was just diagnosed with low sodium and potassim.Am now on sodium tablet,lasix and potassium.Is there a specific cause or am i'm going to go through the ringer with even more tests than they have done? Is there a cure?

    • The condition you describe is known as an electrolyte imbalance----specifically hyponatremia (low sodium) and hypokalemia (low potassium). The fact that you were put on Lasix, which is not a potassium sparing drug (meanin … reasons why this condition occurs but without additional clinical data and a more comprehensive medical history, anything I say would be pure speculation.

      Oh, yes, the condition can be treated effectively.